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Connected Virtual Assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic has worked in favor of one entrepreneur as she saw her business take off internationally.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – In this edition of generation next, CEO and Founder of Connected Virtual Assistance and Business Consultants, De’Andra Beckles says, the COVID-19 pandemic has worked in her favor as it relates to her virtual assistance business venture.

While businesses were shutting their doors, her business was able to take off internationally.


Beckles says that when her former 9-5 job was forced to transition to a work from home environment, she realized it was time to take that leap of faith into entrepreneurship, something she has always had a passion for.

Since transitioning full time into entrepreneurship she says she has learned three important lessons: to accept constructive criticism, running a business requires a team and not everything will always go according to plan.

To other aspiring entrepreneurs, she says to plant the seed and trust God’s plan.