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Everything Was Done Above Board



Former state minister for Disaster Preparedness Management and Reconstruction Iram Lewis on the defense once again. This time, following the news that a forensic audit will be launched into the disaster recovery authority. However, Lewis says everything was done transparently and up to standard.

Lewis was responding to questions surrounding DRA chairman, Alex Storr’s announcement that a forensic audit will be conducted into operations of the authority, insisting the DRA was improperly managed.

In recent weeks, the former administration has been under intense scrutiny regarding operations at the DRA and the overall reconstruction and recovery of Abaco and Grand Bahama following Dorian. Storr said while the DRA was a good thought, it appears to have been grossly mismanaged and hampered by poor execution.

A forensic audit is an examination of financial activities for which there might be suspicion of financial or operation impropriety. Lewis said as far as he’s concerned the board did their work. He said he doesn’t think anything was hidden.

State Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Myles Laroda who has responsibility to the DRA also weighed in. He was asked if the audit’s findings could result in criminal charges. His response: “We asked for an investigation and if those issues were to come up, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”