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Counsellor Weighs In On The Effects Of Gender-Based Violence



With the Davis administration giving much indication to making changes to the laws concerning gender-based violence, a local counsellor and lecturer is giving insight to the effects of gender-based violence on victims.

Amid heightened focus on gender-based violence, Our News spoke with counsellor and Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of The Bahamas Dr. Detra Bethell, who also works with private clients who have been abused.

Bethell says female victims may face difficulties trying to leave their abusers often feeling like there is ‘no way out’. She added the impact of abuse may vary from individuals closing themselves off from loved ones to jumping back into new relationships seeking a feeling of saftey.

Bethell asserted stricter laws should be in-place for males and females who commit such acts of abuse. She added it is fundamentally important that Bahamians have a respect for people as individuals regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

According to Dr. Bethell, it is vital going forward to step away from the belief that people in toxic situations should try to make good of a bad situation. She believes going forward The Bahamas must teach younger generations of Bahamians to respect themselves and walk away from situations or relationships that do not fulfill them.