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Family Island Gas Prices Nearly $9 a Gallon

Gas prices are above $8 per gallon on some Family Islands and as high as $9 per gallon on one island in the MICAL chain.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Gas prices are above $8 per gallon on some Family Islands and as high as $9 per gallon on one island in the MICHAL chain.

Jared Higgs tells us the impact is significant, especially for Abaco residents who are still reeling from the impact of hurricane Dorian.

Gas prices around the Family Islands are normally higher than prices in the capital. So with New Providence prices at $6.97 at Shell, $6.98 at Rubis and $7.39 at Esso, It’s no surprise that several islands are seeing prices well above $8 per gallon.

The highest price found was in Mayaguana at $9 per gallon.

The least expensive gas was in Grand Bahama where pumps in Freeport and Eight Mile Rock are selling gas at $6.36 per gallon.

Cat Island’s average price is about $8.84, while Acklins and Crooked Island are at $8.50 per gallon.

That’s around the same price you will find in Andros.

Meanwhile in Abaco, where many residents are still recovering from hurricane Dorian and using generators, a gallon of gas will cost consumers around $7.59.

Thirty-year-old Abaco resident Mulice King is struggling as she has to spend about $40 per day to fuel up her generator.

She also fills her car’s gas tank on a daily basis to make deliveries for her small business selling different salads.

Over in San Salvador, where that island’s economy is still recovering from the temporary closure of Club Med, high gas prices are taking a toll according to San salvador’s Chief Counsellor Rennard Storr.

Deputy Leader of the FNM Shannendon Cartwright called on the government to reduce taxes on fuel.

Meanwhile, petroleum dealers have urged the government to intervene as the higher prices don’t benefit them due to their fixed margins.

Minister of Economic Affairs Michael Halkitis has stated that government does not intend to increase margins for gas station operators.