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First Baptist Church Cooks Go Viral

Volunteers at First Baptist Church learned that, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” or in this case, a viral moment.



A group of volunteers at the First Baptist Church now know the real meaning of the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” or in their case, a viral moment.


A simple photo of a giant pot of rice brought a whole lot of attention.

It was a moment Eleanor Williams couldn’t believe. Every Wednesday morning, she’s up bright and early making soup and other dishes for the less fortunate at First Baptist Church. But after this picture surfaced with a smiling Eleanor stirring a giant pot of rice, went viral, her phone didn’t stop ringing.

Williams laughs at the moment she realized her photo had caught the attentions of thousands of people, both Bahamians and foreigners. Although the pot seems much smaller in person, it is still pretty big and feeds many with its ability to cook on average forty pounds of rice.

Williams says while she was taken a back by the moment, she’s more happier to be able to help feed the church feeding those in need.

But here’s another thing you probably wouldn’t know by looking at the picture – this pot of rice was actually cooked by a man – Charles Cox, who only showed up to help cook that day. Cox says, “Probably, about once every other month. I’ll come down here and give them a helping hand, free of charge.”

Now the question, how do you cook such a big pot of rice? “I measured my water by the handles [of the pot].”

Despite the recent bit of attention, Williams says she wants people to remember those they do it for – those who sometimes can’t afford a meal.
If you’d like to donate, she says you can feel free.