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FNM Leader: Unimpressed One Year Later

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Leader of the Opposition Michael Pintard gives his take on the Davis administration’s first year in office.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Leader of the official Opposition Michael Pintard also giving his take on the Davis administration’s first year in office, and a reflection on the FNM’s time in leadership.

Leader of the Free National Movement Michael Pintard making a few admissions during my sit down interview with the Grand Bahama MP.

One of them was that the FNM could’ve moved more swiftly when it came to reconstruction and restoration efforts following Hurricane Dorian.

Pintard summed up September 16th 2021, as a day the public spoke loud and clear. And, the FNM accepted the outcome.

The FNM leader sharing his views on the Progressive Liberal Party’s performance over the past year.

And, as for Grand Bahama, he says the economy is still lacking.

He believes the sale of the Grand Lucayan Resort was oversold.

Pintard says he isn’t opposed to the government’s initiatives adding it’s time to work collaboratively.