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Fred Mitchell: Campaign Promises One Year In

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – PLP chairman Fred Mitchell sits down with Our News to reflect on the first year since the party’s election to office.






NASSAU, BAHAMAS – They campaigned on a number of promises and commitments to the Bahamian people. On September 16th, 2021, the voting public made it clear that they had bought into the proposed plans of the Progressive Liberal Party. Tonight, the party’s chairman sits down for a 1-on-1 with our Megan Shepherd.

It was the blueprint for change, a 10-point plan designed by the progressive liberal party to outline its plan for this term in office.

Party Chairman, Fred Mitchell says that within the first year of governance, they followed through on the reduction of vat from 12% to 10%, and ended the state of emergency. A move Mitchell says ushered in a renewed sense of freedom for the country.

The 10-point plan also promised to aggressively rebuild islands, strengthen infrastructure and build more resiliently.

Anti-corruption laws was another commitment highly anticipated by Bahamians. Mitchell says although he believes that the emphasis placed on corruption laws were overblown, legislation will be forthcoming in due course. 

Legislation also on the way as it relates to cannabis. Noting that CARICOM has decided that the “so-called war on drugs” as it relates to cannabis was self defeating and there needed to be a new approach.

Mitchell also had this message to the Bahamian population following one year in office.