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Victim’s Body to be Brought to the Capital

A full assessment of that crash site happening in Deadman’s Cay, Monday morning, according to the Air Accident Investigation Authority.



LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS – A full assessment of that crash site happening in Deadman’s Cay, Monday morning. The Air Accident Investigation Authority confirming the news Monday afternoon, saying they completed a full mapping of the site.

Kendeno Knowles is Long Island, where the body of the crash victim is still on the island.


The body of that woman, who family and friends have identified as Aletheia Newbold, still being held at the morgue in Simms Settlement, awaiting transport to New Providence.

Island Administrator Kathy Smith telling Our News her remains were expected to be transported on Monday, but weather conditions leading to that flight being rescheduled to sometime on Tuesday.

Newbold was among the seven souls on board that Piper P-A31 Navajo aircraft that went down two nautical miles from the Deadman’s Cay Airport around 9 o’clock Sunday morning.

One resident recalling being jolted out of her sleep by a roaring sound.

Minister of Works and Utilities Alfred Sears, whose daughter Nia survived along with five others, including Captain Brad McPhee, confirming the woman’s identity in a statement earlier today, saying she was also mother to a seven-month-old baby.

Sears sending condolences to the woman’s family, best wishes to survivors for a full recovery and thanking numerous individuals involved in the rescue.

Now investigators were at the crash site Monday morning, wrapping up this initial part of the investigation as this island and the wider community await answers about what led to this tragedy.

Chief investigator in the Air Accident Investigation Authority Delvin Major and a team was on the island Monday morning, completing a full assessment of the marshland crash site which we visited yesterday – a lengthy trek from the main Queen’s Highway.

Following that assessment, Major telling Our News the purpose of this investigation is not to point blame at anyone, but to ascertain exactly what happened.

Major saying his team was able to learn a lot from the scene and is now reviewing documents from other agencies involved in the investigation. This useful information, he says, will help
the authority make recommendations if there is anything that occurred in this case, that may be helpful in the future.

That preliminary report expected to give any updates on the investigation up to that point. Major says if during that time any safety concerns are uncovered, those will be addressed immediately to Civil Aviation Authority and any other entity, to effect changes that may possibly prevent anything like this from happening again.