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Irresponsible to Disregard Lockdowns, Curfews

Disregarding lockdowns and curfews is irresponsible, according to Free National Movement Leader Michael Pintard.



Free National Movement Leader Michael Pintard is slamming the Prime Minister’s assertion that lockdowns and curfews are off the table as irresponsible.


FNM leader Michael Pintard is hitting out at the prime minister who last week said lockdowns and curfews are off the table despite an alarming surge in Covid-19 cases and 130 healthcare workers out of the system.

The country confirmed record Covid-19 cases over the holidays. 

Pintard said they’re not recommending lockdowns or curfews, but he questioned how much higher must cases get before the government takes action.

While in government, the FNM came under heavy fire for its handling of the pandemic and stringent measures like lockdowns and curfews.

On Tuesday, Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Michael Darville said the government is doing all it can in the fight against Covid-19. However former health minister Renward Wells doesn’t think so.