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Jubilee Day Celebration

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The National Independence Secretariat hosted its 50th Independence Jubilee day production.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Many events are scheduled in the lead up to the 50th Independence Celebration, and our culture will be on full display. What better way to share these moments than with some good entertainment?

The National Independence Secretariat recently hosted its 50th Independence Jubilee day production, with various artisans telling the story of an independent Bahamas through the arts.

National Independence secretariat Chairperson Leslia Miller-Brice explains the significance of the event set at the historic southern recreation grounds.

Residents heard the story accompanied by performances from top Bahamian musicians, singers, and dancers.

Talia Saunders was there, and she says it was a proud moment that she will cherish. Colours Junkanoo closed the event with a rush out and the masses spilled onto the road.

Group leader Christian Justilien says cultural events like this are a key part of building a stronger community. Anthony “AC” Coakley, Logistics Coordinator for the National Independence Secretariat, shared more of the upcoming excitement, including more Junkanoo coming up at the end of May and the iconic Ecumenical Service and Tattoo.

Miller-Brice wants the public to stay tuned and be a part of the events leading up to independence.

There’s a lot to do as we prepare to see the aquamarine, black, and gold on full display this independence. Enjoy the events and show your Bahamian pride.

Chair of the National Independence Secretariat Leslia Miller-Brice shares the preparations going into the 50th Independence Jubilee Day production set to take place Friday, May 5th, 2023. The event will take place on the southern recreation ground at 7PM.