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Massive Oil Spill in Exuma

35,000 gallons of oil spilling in Exuma waters overnight urging Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper and other officials to visit the site.



EXUMA, BAHAMAS – Thirty-five-thousand gallons of oil spilling in Exuma waters, early Wednesday morning. The environmental disaster prompting Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper and other officials to visit the site this afternoon.

Our Marlena Leonard was on the ground in Exuma as the DPM visited the site.

Shortly before jetting to Exuma, Cooper told Parliament he was informed that the spill occurred sometime between 5pm, on Tuesday and 4am this morning, as a vessel contracted by Sun Oil Limited was offloading fuel to Bahamas Power and Light in the area of Old Navy Base in Georgetown.

The result, once crystal clear bay was transformed into murky waters.

When Our News arrived at the site this afternoon, the smell was overpowering.

Our News asked the manager of BPL’s Exuma facility if the spill would impact power generation to that island.

This is not the first time Sun Oil has had a spill in The Bahamas. Back in August 2018, a diesel fuel spill contaminated the marina at Exuma’s Emerald Bay Resort.

But this incident, especially since it’s not the first time, leaves many asking questions about the repercussions for companies like this and the consequences this administration may call down on them considering it’s large focus on blue carbon credits and the environment.