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New Kitchen Supplies Strengthen Meal Programme At Gambier Primary School

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The breakfast and lunch programme for students at Gambier Primary School has been strengthened with the purchase of kitchen supplies by The Sandals Foundation.



 Sandals Royal Bahamian’s General Manager, Adrian Whitehead was present for the official handover of kitchen supplies which include a refrigerator, a beverage cooler and stainless steel kitchen table. Pictured with him are principal Deloris Forbes as well as Grade teacher, Mrs Forbes. 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The breakfast and lunch programme for students at Gambier Primary School has been significantly strengthened with the purchase of much-needed kitchen supplies by The Sandals Foundation.

The items, which comprise a 6 cubic ft. refrigerator, a 25 cubic ft. refrigerator and a stainless steel kitchen work table will improve storage and preparation of meals for some 140 students attending the school.

Speaking at the recent handover, Deloris Forbes, Principal at Gambier Primary School, expressed how the donations will make a positive difference in the school’s nutrition programme.

“We try to show up for our students regardless of our circumstances and serve healthy meals but were unable to do so effectively.”

She continued, “during the pandemic, we received a pre-owned refrigerator, but it was only a temporary solution. With this donation, we can keep the vegetables and fruits that we purchase from Saint Christopher’s fresh for our breakfast programme and we will be in a better position to provide more nutritious meals to the students.”

Heidi Clarke, Executive Director at Sandals Foundation shared the importance of the charitable arm of Sandals and Beaches Resorts responding to the call to supply the school with these resources.

“Healthier meals have been shown to improve academic performance. However, we know that
finding necessary funding to purchase the resources needed can often be difficult for schools. We were happy we could support the school’s efforts in meeting the needs of their students. With these resources, the school’s administrators can have less food wastage and direct their attention to other budgetary needs to help them do more,” Clarke explained.

The educational institution, which serves children ages six to 12, was also supported in its
administrative needs through the purchase of two-ton air conditioning units, an office chair,
pedestal file, receptionist desk and ink cartridges, making it possible for the administrative body and staff better operate and meet the needs of the students.

Total value of the philanthropic arm’s support stand at over US$7000.

Sandals Foundation, Sandals Royal Bahamian and Sandals Emerald Bay Resort have been long time supporters of education and community development throughout The Bahamas, donating to a number of schools and youth engagement programs through the provision of educational supplies, creation of playgrounds and improving the general learning environment that supports the holistic development of students.