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PMU Chief: “Don’t Insult Us”

The Public Managers Union is firing back at a government minister over claims government has to balance demands with the country’s economy.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Public Managers Union is firing back at Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister Myles Laroda, over claims the government has to balance workers’ demands with the country’s economic reality.

Jasmin Brown explains the back and forth comes amid an ongoing impasse in negotiations between the National Insurance Board and the union.

On Monday the PMU, which represents NIB employees, raised concern over several outstanding issues. In particular, the union said a new industrial agreement has yet to be finalized two years after it expired.

NIB has said the union’s proposed salary increases and bonuses are a sticking point, with the board maintaining that bonus payments should be linked to NIB’s performance.

On Tuesday, Laroda told reporters that calls for changes to salaries ought to take into account that NIB has to be able to sustain itself.

It’s a narrative Cartwright-Lewis says NIB workers are not buying.

Laroda has said the union’s issues are not new. However, he added he is hopeful that they will be resolved soon.

The PMU president says while the blame cannot be placed solely on the new administration, she believes it’s now their problem to solve.

The Union Chief and State Minister both agreed that it’s currently impossible to give a timeline for a resolution of the issues.