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Preparations Underway for Opening of Parliament

Preparations are underway for the opening of parliament, an event steeped in tradition, that will look different than previous events.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Preparations are underway for the opening of parliament.

As Jillian Gray tells us, though steeped in tradition, tomorrow’s opening will look different than previous events.

It’s a tradition that stems back to 1729 when the first parliament in The Bahamas was created. Fast forward to 2021 and the landscape will look much different than it did back then.

Tomorrow at Baha Mar the executive, legislative and judiciary will all gather with residents to begin the new parliament session.

The undertakings of parliament in The Bahamas are a reflection of that of Britain’s, right down to the colors chosen for the House of Assembly and Senate décor.

Parliamentary Clerk David Forbes described the opening as a mix modern undertakings and an event steeped in our colonial history.

From changing the structure of the Senate to constructing a new building for parliament Forbes who has worked for parliament since 1978 when he started as a messenger, says he wants to see the institution grow and flourish.

One of the things he thinks can happen within the next few years is the separation of powers. He thinks that in order for the parliament to truly flourish it must be independent of the executive