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Reid Defends Televising Shock Treatment Program



Shock Treatment has 2 unseen seasons that its producers want to get on the air. That’s according to program director Carlos Reid who addressed criticism about the televised nature of the program.


With two unseen seasons of Shock Treatment slated to be aired in the near future, Program Director Carlos Reid is defending the show from critics who say it exploits the challenges facing young people and their parents.

An announcement late last year that the show would return was met with debate on social media between critics who think the show does more harm than good, and supporters who view the methods as effective.

Critics point to lack of data about the show’s effectiveness. But some participants of the program spoke out when the show was recently announced, saying it helped steer them on the right path.

Reid says parents have already reached out to sign their children up for future tapings. He says by mid-February they should be able to bring something to the public.