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Sister Slams $20k Fine for Christmas Day Crash That Killed 2

The sister of a couple killed in a Christmas day crash back in 2020 is slamming the $20k fine handed out to the driver of the other vehicle.



The sister of a couple killed in a Christmas Day crash back in 2020 is slamming the $20k fine handed out to a 34-year-old man responsible for their deaths. And she isn’t the only one criticizing the sentence, even the magistrate who passed the decision urged parliament to change the law to allow jail time for offenders.


Kendea Smith is calling the $20k fine handed to the man responsible for the deaths of her brother and sister-in-law grossly inadequate. Thirty-four-year-old Alexander Butler pleaded guilty on Thursday to causing the deaths of Brent and Eulona Johnson through dangerous driving when he appeared for trial before Senior Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans.

The Johnsons and their 2 daughters were heading home from a family function when the tragedy occurred on December 25, 2020. Butler, who was driving a Honda Accord, crashed into a Nissan March the family was in while overtaking another vehicle. Mr. And Mrs. Johnson died on the scene, while their daughters suffered broken bones.

In handing out the fines, Magistrate Vogt-Evans called for stiffer penalties for reckless drivers who kill. She said the $10,000 for each death was the maximum sentence.

Smith says there was some comfort in the fact that Butler pleaded guilty, instead of making the family relive the trauma in a trial. She also describes her nieces as resilient but for the family, Christmas day is changed forever.

During his court appearance on Thursday, Butler apologized to the Johnson family and said he was haunted by the incident. Smith says she hopes that is true.