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Woman Murdered Going to Prayer Meeting

A 17-year-old boy is in police custody, after a woman was shot and killed on her way to a prayer meeting, Tuesday night.



A woman was shot and killed shortly after she arrived at church for a prayer meeting Tuesday night. She was hit by a stray bullet during a shooting incident on Robinson Road and Ida Street.


A 17-year-old boy is in police custody in connection with the incident that has left the victim’s fellow church members and former coworkers in shock.

It’s a moment, Apostle Kevin Grant said he never thought he would have to live through. Standing outside his church over the bloodstains of one of his members.

60-year-old Claudette Capron was shot and killed around 7 last night as she exited a vehicle with her sister to walk into prayer meeting. The pastor said the innocent decision to turn back for her mask unfortunately cost her her life. He said what ensued was utter chaos as church members on the inside ran out to find Capron in a pool of blood.

According to Police Press Liaison Audley Peters, the woman was hit by stray bullets from a nearby shootout. It played out like the scene from a movie with the man then running towards Robinson Road with the gunman firing behind him.

With one man in custody being questioned in relation to this incident, Capron’s family and friends are left to mourn her tragic death. A former employee of the Bahamas Communication and Public Officers Union, those who worked with her in shock over the horrific way in which her life was
Alva Barnett was one of three employees who started at BCPOU with Capron. She said they are all in disbelief.