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Police: No Plane Wreckage Found

A team of investigators rushed to Eastern Road Tuesday night, following reports of a plane crash, but their search proved fruitless.



A team of investigators, Drug Enforcement Agency officers, Royal Bahamas Defence Force officers, and emergency medical services personnel rushed to the Eastern Road last night following reports of a plane crash in nearby waters.


But, their search turned up empty.

The hours-long search for a downed aircraft, which drew a crowd to the Eastern Road last night, has been called off after no plane wreckage was found, according to Police Press Liaison Officer ASP Audley Peters.

Around 9:30 Tuesday night, police reported a plane crash in the area of Solomon’s Lighthouse along the Eastern Road. But, after two hours of searching, he told reporters tuesday nightthat there were no signs of life or debris.

The police press liaison added that air traffic control said there were no planes in that area during that time. However, this doesn’t mean a plane didn’t go down. He explained that an aircraft may have not filed a manifesto with authorities. In light of this, officers returned at the crack of dawn continuing their search but once again, they found nothing. A drone was also launched for an aerial search.

As for the person who made the call, Peters said he could not say who the individual was but that they saw something go down.

But what did residents see that prompted someone to report a plane crash to police?