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Your Flight Has Been Delayed

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The heat advisory for the state of Florida has been dropped as the sunshine state is experiencing lots of thunderstorms.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – After a twenty-three-day streak, the heat advisory for the state of Florida has been dropped as the sunshine state is experiencing lots of thunderstorms just like us here at home. These unstable weather conditions can sometimes impact travel plans. What should you do when this happens? Here are some tips.

“Your flight has been delayed.” Those five words are often horrific for passengers to hear, particularly during the summer months when most families go on vacation. But what do you do if your flight has been delayed due to bad weather?

If passengers are unable to fly due to severe weather conditions, usually compensation is not granted as airline officials say weather conditions are considered as extraordinary circumstances to which the airline has no control over.

LPIA officials confirming several flight delays today due to weather.

Looking for all the latest flight information? While you can contact your airline, there are other options as well like Go242 and Lynden Pindling International Airport’s new app called Aero-Cloud.

You can also keep an eye on general flight trends and other apps like flight aware which give a good overview on flights across the world.

But it’s important to know that even if your flight shows as delayed, it can change at any moment and that’s why experts say it’s best to be at the airport on time because while bad weather will sometimes cause a temporary delay as soon as the weather improves, airlines try to get their flights off the ground.

And if you do happen to experience weather delays and you have the kids with you. Experts advise having snacks on hand. Be prepared to keep your children entertained with toys or books. Some airports even have designated areas for children’s soft play.

Or if it’s just you alone at a big airport, sometimes there are hotels as well as lounges that you can sit down and relax, whether that’s to gather your thoughts or simply charge your phone.