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DRA Still Deciding What to do With Dismantled Domes

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – DRA Executive Chairman Alex Storr explains they are still contemplating on what will be done with the domes structures in Abaco.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – What’s next for the domes that were torn down in Abaco?

Alex Storr, executive chairman of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority, explains the DRA is still contemplating what will be done with the domes structures that used as temporary housing on Abaco, following hurricane Dorian.

Storr says there are multiple requests for those structures. Thirty-nine domes were erected in spring city, Abaco, and all but three were occupied until September.

The project was announced following hurricane Dorian to provide housing for the thousands of displaced victims of hurricane Dorian.

In September, Storr said there was no paperwork for the domes and as a result he says it’s difficult to determine how much was spent on the structures.