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Demolition Day For Domes in Spring City

ABACO, BAHAMAS – Two years after being handed keys, residents are forced to leave the Spring City domes as the structures prepare to be destroyed.





ABACO, BAHAMAS – It was back on April 2nd, 2020 when some 32 residents received their keys to temporary dome housing in Spring City Abaco. Now, some two years later, and the domes that were once described as state of the art and the most resilient solution to temporary housing, have been destroyed. 

Former Dome City resident, Maxine Ferguson, was extremely emotional as she now has to move out of the dome she shared with her two children for over one year. 

The family lost their home in Spring City during Hurricane Dorian and the mother says she was afforded a $10,000 voucher to assist with rebuilding a home.

The dome issue has grabbed headlines in recent weeks.

Chairman of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority, Alex Storr, announced that the demolition of the dome site in Spring City Abaco would be postponed. However, early this morning, demolition began as occupants looked on. 

Ferguson says that last night as she and her children packed their belongings to leave, their power was shut off.

She says there are other families with children that now have to seek refuge during the peak of the hurricane season and believes the government could have done more to assist residents.

Now, a video showing the live demolition, courtesy of Pastor Silbert Mills, drawing lots of attention from Bahamians who say they believe the domes should have been saved in the event of another natural disaster or they should have been moved to another site.