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Officials: One Confirmed Dead, Six Survivors

A woman is dead and several others injured, after a plane crash In Deadman’s Cay, Long Island Sunday morning.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A woman is dead and several others injured, after a plane crash In Deadman’s Cay, Long Island Sunday morning. Investigators are now trying to determine what caused that plane to go down, moments after take-off.

Kendeno Knowles is in Deadman’s Cay with a report.

A tragic end to what was supposed to be a weekend to remember for a group of friends having fun while attending the Long Island regatta, as Air Accident Investigation Department Chief Delvin Major confirming the plane they were on crashed in bushes in Deadman’s Cay Sunday morning, killing one passenger and injuring others.

Family and friends identifying the woman as Aleitheia Newbold.

She was among the seven souls on board the Piper Navajo.

The AAIA confirming that the group was leaving the island around 9 o’clock Sunday morning.

Moments after take-off, investigators saying the plane crashing in bushes two nautical miles from Deadman’s Cay Airport. Officials saying the woman who lost her life succumbed to injuries sustained in that crash.

A coordinated emergency response by the Royal Bahamas Police and Defence Forces, Airport Authority and United States Coast Guard this morning into this afternoon to rescue and transport the remaining passengers to new providence for medical treatment.

Long islander’s quite shaken up over today’s incident after a successful return to regatta.

A resident tells Our News she was jolted out of her sleep by the sound of the plane over her house.

“Shortly after 9am this morning, I was awakened by the sound of an airplane that seemed to be very low, that had just taken off from the Deadman’s Cay area. I jumped out of bed because the plane didn’t sound normal,” she said.

“Shortly after that, after hearing it had like a roaring sound coming over my house roof. Shortly after that I received a phone call stating that a little plane had gone down in the Deadman’s Cay area.”

Our News understands the captain of the flight was Brad McPhee.

Images of the crash being shared since early Sunday morning showing scenes from that crash now under active investigation.

We also learned earlier today that Nia, the daughter of Works and Utilities Minister Alfred Sears, was one of the injured passengers.