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PLP: Spotlight on MICAL

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Since I last examined the constituency of MICAL, there seems to have been even more grumblings of dissatisfaction in the current Member of Parliament Basil McIntosh. Sad, really!



As I See It

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Since I last examined the constituency of MICAL, there seems to have been even more grumblings of dissatisfaction in the current Member of Parliament Basil McIntosh. Sad, really!

This has intrigued me to do a bit more digging, to hear from the residents of MICAL themselves. I tuned in virtually to the Fox Hill Constituency meeting to see if MICAL was partnering with them like last time, but I was disappointed. MP Fred Mitchell was his usual excellent self, but there was nothing that I could go on to satisfy my curiosity on MICAL.

So I decided to go into the constituency myself using technology. 

My intel on the ground in the islands that make up MICAL says, Shane Gibson Sr. is most favored to be the next MP for the area. I decided to contact the people to hear for myself if this is indeed true. Not that I doubted my sources. 

Simeon Murphy, resident of Mayaguana said, “I followed Mr. Gibson for his entire political career and even when he was a unionist. I admired him because he was a person who could always get things done. 

“He has a good track record from Golden Gates’ time. A man like Gibson will get my 100 percent. I will go all out to see that he wins MICAL in the next general election.”

Basil McIntosh
Basil McIntosh, MP for MICAL

After speaking to Mr. Murphy in Mayaguana, I moved on to Inagua and spoke with a few of the residents there who also were in favor of Gibson being their representative, but also expressed their displeasure of the lack of action from their current MP. They didn’t want to go on record as they had government related jobs and didn’t want to “catch any smoke” for their open commentary.

It’s just one year into “New Day governance” and maybe McIntosh has not had a chance yet to really show his worth, however, his constituents seem really resolved that he is not the man for the job. My opinion is that he might be overwhelmed by the many needs and wants of constituents from five different islands … which brings me to my next point. 

Maybe the Boundaries Commission should consider separating this constituency into two. It must be difficult to manage especially if the MP is new to politics. 

Former speaker of the House of Assembly, Halson Moultrie previously said, “Personally, I do not think that the MICAL constituency is practical for any representative because there is no sea link and no air link between the five islands.” 

He recommended that we return Inagua and Mayaguana to one seat and making Acklins, Crooked Island and Long Cay the other.

Now, I mentioned in my first article on MICAL that Shane Gibson is a very skilled and lethal politician. I am curious as to why only a year into PLP governance, he offers himself as a candidate for an area that is currently represented by the PLP. I smell a bi-election, or Gibson has already confirmed McIntosh will not run again. 

Shane Gibson Sr.
Shane Gibson Sr., former MP for Golden Gates

Still curious, I tracked down Gibson and asked him, why MICAL.

He responded, “It was always my late father and mother, “King” Eric and Gerline Gibson’s dream for me to represent the islands of their birth. After receiving dozens of calls from residents, I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the transformation of these amazing southeastern islands that are bursting with untapped opportunities. 

“MICAL has had truly dedicated representatives over the decades and it is my wish to build on their accomplishments and make MICAL the envy of the other Bahama Islands by beginning its next phase of transformation.”

Gibson might just pull it off! Well that’s how I see it, anyway.

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