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PLP: The Importance of Choosing the Right Wingman

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – There has been criticism about the PM’s frequent treks around the world, but my focus is more on his wingman, the person he leaves in charge of the country while he is away. 



As I See It

NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS – Our Prime Minister, Philip Brave Davis was in Egypt representing The Bahamas at COP27 until yesterday. There have been many criticisms about his frequent treks around the world, but that’s neither here nor there with me, my focus is more on – his wingman – the person he leaves in charge of the country while he is away. 

This past week Deputy Prime Minister, I. Chester Cooper served as Davis’ wingman, acting as prime minister in a time when things could have gone really bad, weatherwise. Tropical Storm Nicole entered our shores a few days ago, disorganized, but packing winds of some 70-miles an hour and expecting to become a hurricane of at least category one. 

Thank God our islands were spared from major destruction and Nicole left with just a few fallen trees and the sea heavily “chastising” the coastal roads, especially in western New Providence. Again, thank God!

We were taught many lessons from Hurricane Dorian, like activating emergency management systems immediately and adhering to warnings can save lives. 

Prime Minister Philip Davis and Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper
Prime Minister Philip Davis and Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper

This time it was all under DPM Chester Cooper’s command. NEMA took control of the situation immediately and the acting Prime Minister was extremely impressive in his role. An itinerary of Cooper’s activities was sent to press in a timely manner and the minute the all clear was given, Cooper was on a flight with an emergency management team to do an assessment of the islands where Nicole made landfall

Cooper’s demeanor, the information he gave and even his stride said the man in charge has arrived and we are in good hands. I think Cooper did an excellent job in the absence of Prime Minister Davis. He rose to the occasion, took charge and empowered those who needed to be empowered in order to make the system work.

There was no fumbling of the ball from DPM Cooper, no constant announcement of what he does professionally and even though I found the NEMA pressers trés boring, I guess the right information was being disseminated and it was just the presenters that needed some spunk. 

While I shower DPM Cooper with accolades, let me not forget my good brothers –  Minister Myles LaRoda who was excellent in his role and Matt Maura from BIS who was very good to the press.

All this being said, I think Davis made an excellent choice in Cooper as DPM – a man whose hands he is comfortable in leaving his country. Well that’s how I see it, anyway.

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