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GB Lacks Vision and Needs More Investors

GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – A former member of parliament for Grand Bahama is clearing the air after a voice note goes viral.




GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – Following a voice note issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party about Grand Bahama’s economic situation and the current management of the city of Freeport, former Member of Parliament for Grand Bahama is responding and is clearing the air on his initial comments.

Former Member of Parliament for Grand Bahama Frederick McAlpine says Grand Bahama lacks vision and needs to be more investor friendly.

President of the Grand Bahama Port Authority Ian Rolle said in a recent interview that he doesn’t believe people fully understand the function of the port authority and perhaps that is why there are negative comments.

But, although the former FNM MP is not fully pleased with the port’s performance, he says he still doesn’t think that government should run the port area.