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Graduation Season: How We Prepare Our Children For The Work Place

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – I might come under heavy criticism for this, but I feel the brunt of work force preparation should come from the graduate’s parents at home.



As I See It

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Many parents are not fortunate enough to send their children to pursue a tertiary education right after high school, but instead hope that they find gainful employment until a way is made to send them abroad.

Whatever the reason a new high school graduate does not join the welcoming campus of a university at home or abroad, that graduate needs to be properly prepared for the workforce. I might come under heavy criticism for what I am about to say, however I feel the brunt of that preparation should come from the graduate’s parents at home. 

I am a stickler for details therefore once my glasses are on, I observe a whole lot – sometimes in silence as some people are so offended by even the appearance of correction.  

I know I am not alone with this. Appearance is very important to me and as far as I am concerned, the same sun comes out in the morning that did when I was in my early years, therefore the same “manners” that ran the world then, should run the world now. Good appearance and good disposition can go a long way for someone coming into the workforce. 

Raise up a child in a certain way and he or she will not depart from it. That is Biblical yes, but it’s also quite factual. For example, a few years back, I interviewed a real life gangster – I wrote a series on him, actually. Though I appeared not to be, I was deathly afraid of him, but took serious note of how polite he was at intervals, how he pulled my chair, fixed his clothes on occasion and how properly he spoke. Quite unusual for a gangster, yes, but this is what I observed at the time.

While interviewing him, I found out how he was raised. Although clearly rebellious, it was obvious good upbringing was embedded in his persona and he just could not stray from it. I quite liked it. 

This topic came to mind as we are in the month of June and thousands of graduates will spew out of private and public schools in a few weeks – graduated, but are they ready for the workforce? Did their parents make sure they knew how to stand up straight, make eye contact, wear proper clothing, offer a firm handshake, speak properly and audibly and be courteous? Good question!

It’s hard enough to impress someone who is interviewing you for a job, but it’s even worse to actually get the job and then act like a sloth, dress in t-shirts and socks with slippers, behave inappropriately towards your coworkers and never rest down the almighty cell phone even if it’s to your detriment. Employers and supervisors notice these things and frown. 

Parents should always play an integral role in preparing their children for what comes next in their lives. Child rearing is very serious business and most times how a child behaves is a reflection of how they were raised. 

Always remember no one owes your child favors or employment. You have to prepare your child to be the best candidate for the hire – qualifications and attitude. If you absolutely have no idea, go on LinkedIn and get pointers or ask a Human Resources professional. Teach your children to act the part, get the job and retain it.

A bad attitude, gum chewing, ill-dressed, texting-about-their-supervisor-in-his-or her-presence young employee is a turn off and will not last on any job. T’is the season for preparation. Well that’s how I see it, anyway.