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Budget 2023 Has Been Laid Out – What’s Next?

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Prime Minister Philip Davis has laid out the Budget 2023 and now Bahamians watch with much a baited breath to see the items come to fruition. 



As I See It

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has laid out the Budget 2023 and now Bahamian citizens watch with much a baited breath to see all the items come to fruition. 

As some of you may or may not know, besides producing television news, I am the original and current producer of “On the Record” current affairs television show which is aired on cable channel 212 every Thursday evening. With that said our guest this week was Minister of Economic Affairs, Hon. Senator Michael Halkitis, my friend and brother. He came to have discussions with the host on the 2023 budget. 

Minister Halkitis did an excellent job in breaking down the budget in layman’s terms. He explained government borrowing and even addressed the “elephant” in the room – accusations of the government of The Bahamas traveling too much. I am quite sure our viewers went away with a much better understanding of what to expect over the next fiscal year. 

Minister of Economic Affairs Sen. Michael Halkitis pictured
with Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis

One of the items that drew a few questions was the women’s shelter. There are some $500,000.00 allotted to build it in budget 2023. Some women rights advocates raised an eyebrow saying this women’s shelter was included in last year’s budget, but nothing came to fruition. Minister Halkitis explained that this sometimes happens and is simply placed in the next budget for action. 

He also mentioned that the government does not think $500,000.00 is enough to build the kind of shelter it envisions, but monies allotted can certainly start the project. I am sure this is a welcomed thought to the advocacy groups, as many women are suffering abuse and need a place to go to with their children when trouble strikes. 

The budget themed, “A Budget for Security and Progress” is indeed promising. Police and other armed forces can expect a much needed raise in salary; there are allotted funds for solar technology on the Family Islands; a national school breakfast program is expected; much needed infrastructure and repairs for Family Islands are said to be on the way; new hospitals and upgraded clinics are said to be coming and expanded affordable housing is being promised etc. Another important point – there will be no rise in taxes. However, those who try to duck paying current taxes, like property taxes, will be dealt with. 

The Prime Minister and the Davis administration

With healthcare being such a much talked about sore point, I would say the proposed hospitals are a critical need at this time. People continue to die at the Princess Margaret Hospital and even though some folk don’t like to hear it, I applaud the Minister of Health for going outside of the country to get healthcare personnel. We need people with good attitudes to work in the current and proposed hospitals. Our healthcare professionals are leaving the country for better opportunities and we must replace them and add on to our already short numbers. 

We must admit that in the government employment system, the most risks (health and life) taken are by police officers, defence force officers, immigration officers and healthcare professionals. Therefore, I strongly feel their paychecks should speak volumes as it pertains to their risk-based duties. 

As of July 1, 2023, these budgetary items come into effect and it should be the hope of our government, and every Bahamian, that The Bahamas is a better place for it. We just have to watch. Well, that’s how I see it anyway.