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How can Those we Blindly Trust Betray Us?

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – When a child looks up at an adult, what is seen in that child’s eyes is pure unadulterated innocence – innocence and vulnerability, actually – that should never be violated by anyone. 



As I See It

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – When a child looks up at an adult, what is seen in that child’s eyes is pure unadulterated innocence – innocence and vulnerability, actually – that should never be violated by anyone. 

The design of things is that the female species of most life forms carries and ushers in a smaller version of itself and, in most cases, nurtures and protects that smaller version until it reaches some form of adulthood and can manage on its own. The mother should always protect her child. 

With this said, we should always remember the saying, “What is done in the dark will always come to the light”. If you have been watching the news or taking a peep at social media recently, you will note that a lot of perverted men who think it’s safe to explore their daughter’s “treasures” have been exposed and hauled before the court where their future in jail is meted out to them. 

The frequency of this in recent times makes me curious – in a good way. I’m wondering if women are finally stepping up to the plate fearlessly and reporting their men when they commit these devious acts against their children. 


My curiosity makes me look back at when these acts of “swift justice” commenced and I’m led to the many cries of the Women United advocacy group. Women United has been calling for stricter penalties and speedier justice for men committing these dastardly acts. I pray the organization’s cries have fallen on open and eager ears and we are now seeing the fruits of that organization’s labor.

Sometimes it is very difficult and discouraging to continue to trod on being the voice in the wilderness when your cries to aid the helpless fall on deaf ears. The members of Women United do not rest on their laurels, but instead continue to be the voice of women and children who are battered and humiliated on a daily basis, living in fear with no one to stand up for them.

Many citizens of this country have no idea what some women and children go through on a daily basis. Thank God for organizations like Women United who assist with emergency housing for women and children, arranging counseling, offering a little legal advice on rights etc etc etc. There are still decent, respectable people in this country who are willing to help people who are helpless. 

child abuse

I look, though, at the abusers. How can they sexually abuse a child, their child, any child? How can they raise their hand to women they vow to honor, respect and protect forever? How can a mother knowingly stay with a man who is sexually and physically abusing her child? When we try to seek answers to these questions we end up more frustrated than when we started our quest. There are no sensible or feasible answers to these questions. 

Sick, twisted men and women carry out and condone these beastly acts. Sometimes their consciences sting them, but in most cases they move around feeling justified in their acts, until their sins catch up with them. 

I HIGHLY commend officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the new Chief Justice, Department of Public Prosecutions and the justice system generally, for arresting and convicting these criminals. 

The sad thing is that although these men and women are now convicted and will spend time in jail, the scars and sometimes physical ruin of children and women still linger. Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

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