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The Monarchy: Is This Affiliation Really Necessary?

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A deafening silence spreads the world over as the King’s coronation has ended. Now, millions ask the question, “What next?”



As I See It

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The glitter-filled dust has settled and the sound of majestic trumpets have ceased. The deafening silence has spread the world over as millions ask the question, “What next?”

Charles III is now King of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries and of course he is also now the temporal head of the Church of England. Being King of the U.K. is one thing as you can say it was handed down to him etc, however, I take extreme displeasure in recognizing a man caught up in an adulterous scandal with the woman now known as Queen Consort, as head of the religion to which I am affiliated. Maybe the “anointing” he received has washed that piece of history away. 

Millions watched the Coronation jaded and wished it was Diana, the world’s Princess, being crowned Queen, while others wished it was the unblemished Prince William and his wife Princess Kate taking the throne. 

The Late Princess Diana

I wait with much a baited breath to see what is going to happen during King Charles’ reign as he made much ado in his earlier years telling his mother how differently and modernly he would run the Monarchy if he were its head. The question is will he implement a more modern system or will he resign himself to more of the same?

Nevertheless, we as an alleged independent nation, must now think about the necessity of our affiliation with “The Crown”. In July we will become 50 years old. In 1973 our leaders disconnected from our Colonial masters declaring us independent, however, our constitution does not really support this “Independence” we allegedly have. Instead it gives us more of the same thing we did before our so-called “freedom” derived in 1973. 

Last Monday, I listened to an interesting voice note created by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Fred Mitchell. Although not lengthy, the voice note certainly pricked a thought or two on the necessity of the Monarchy. 

The Monarchy is irrelevant to the lives of regular Bahamians and younger Bahamians have absolutely no appreciation for that regime. I tried to convince my son to watch the Coronation. He declined vehemently with “cheeky” words declaring his thoughts of the King and how much he didn’t care. Unfortunately, I am unable to publish what he said in this space.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Princess Catherine

I am very much an admirer of Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley who thought it time for her nation to separate itself from the British regime and do its own thing. This takes a lot, I am sure, but it signifies true independence. I would encourage our leaders to explore this endeavor, but with baby and secure steps. At least start the process so that we can feel real independence coming. 

What does the Monarchy do for us, really?

Over the years, critics of the monarchy have argued that having a system of hereditary power at the top of the country’s political, military and religious institutions perpetuates class divisions and inequality.

Although the Sovereign or the King if you may, no longer has a political or executive role, Charles will continue to play an important part in the life of the United Kingdom as his mother, Queen Elizabeth R did. As Head of State, Charles will undertake constitutional and representational duties which have developed over one thousand years of history.

The Royal ancestry has severe savagery attached to it, with kings killing nephews and queens beheading cousins. Then there was the invasion of Africa and the removal of all of the jewels and gold and ultimately the enslavement of Africans, some being kings and queens themselves. 

The Late Queen Elizabeth II

Although it didn’t start the slave trade, it is well known that the British Empire carried more Africans into bondage across the Americas than any other nation. Not only did the British slavers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries do a lot to craft the Africa Trade, it also benefited financially more than any of its competitors. 

So, I think that King Charles III should put his money where his mouth is. Since he had big talks in the past of making changes, being modern and being fair, then its time to make a public declaration – a worldwide broadcast of an apology for his nation’s hand in the slave trade. Following this he should return the jewels to African museums and start serious and consistent execution of reparations. It’s the only way the Monarchy can redeem itself to the people of color of this world. Well that’s how I see it, anyway. 

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