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BPL Plant to Undergo $3M Maintenance Work

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – BPL officials admit multiple issues at its Clifton Pier power plant impact the power company’s ability to supply reliable power to consumers.




NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Bahamas Power and Light officials outlining multiple issues at the station of a power plant at Clifton Pier which officials admit impacts the power company’s ability to supply reliable power to consumers.

Prior to January 2023, the plant was managed by Wärtsilä and according to Energy and Supply Director Anthony Christie, the agreement stipulated the plant was to be returned to BPL in the same conditions when handed over to Wärtsilä.

But he claims that didn’t happen.

The Energy and Supply Director predicts ongoing maintenance of the plant will run the power company into just under $3 million.

Christie claims one of the issues was the basement floor was filled with oil or water in many areas and the pumping systems were not working.

This forced officials to clean the area to make it safe for staffers. Then the focus was placed on systems that weren’t working.

In his professional opinion, Christie says a new building should’ve been constructed to house the new Wärtsilä engines along with new equipment to keep them going.

Maintenance was Wärtsilä’s responsibility at the time, but as Christie alleges the services were not completed.

When BPL sought to service the generators once they assumed responsibility for the plant. They ran into these challenges.