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Bay Breeze Marina Reopens in Dundas Town, Abaco

ABACO, THE BAHAMAS – Bay Breeze Marina and Storage Yamaha of Abaco opened the doors of its new 30,000 square ft indoor storage facility in Dundas Town, Abaco. 



ABACO, BAHAMAS – After shutting down operations on Abaco due to Hurricane Dorian and the Covid-19 pandemic, Bay Breeze Marina and Storage Yamaha of Abaco opened the doors of its new 30,000 square ft indoor storage facility in late June in Dundas Town, Abaco. 

Stephen Albury, President of Bay Breeze Marina and Storage Yamaha of Abaco, said just under five million dollars has been spent on rebuilding the store after it was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian in 2019. 

“It’s my passion,” Albury says. “I’ve wanted to do an indoor storage facility since we moved to Abaco in 2004.”

“After Dorian we shut down completely and had to reorder our entire inventory that was actually on the island before the hurricane hit. We got them back in, and we were ready to get started and then covid hit. So, we had to slow down again. So, we’ve now almost four years later, at the point where we are fully opened.”

Construction on the new building took three years, according to Albury, as he initially imagined rebuilding half the size. But during the pandemic, the Hotel Encouragement Act and rebuilding exemptions prompted the family to double the size. 

As for the company’s commitment to the Yamaha brand, Albury calls it the best engine on the market and that his family has been involved with the brand since 1996. He boasts of Bay Breeze Marina being the “first true indoor storage facility for boats in The Bahamas.”

The new store has the capability of hauling boats of up to 42-ft, 24,000 pounds and servicing any Yamaha outboard that’s on the market with parts and motors in-stock. 

“We’ve got some plans to also add 2 bedroom, 2 bath waterfront bungallos with dock access. Cut out at the point in our safe harbour marina in 2024. Dundas Town is outside the main harbour entrace and has unrestricted access to the sea of Abaco. It’s a central point for many people, easy access, and they don’t have to enter the main Marsh Harbor.”

Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment on weekends, the store has a staff complement of seven Abaco residents. Albury said the company takes pride in being fully Bahamian owned and operated. 

In addition to its fuel, maintenance, outboard and repair services, Bay Breeze provides a 24-hour security-monitored facility along with concierge services.