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Rastas Protest at Sybil Strachan Primary



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A group of Rastafarians holding an anti-colonial protest outside Sybil Strachan Primary was challenged by police this morning.

Jared Higgs tells us the protest still went ahead, despite the poor weather.

When a bus of Rastas arrived at the school on Carmichael Road, officers initially instructed them to put their posters away.

They settled for moving the protestors farther from the entrance to the school, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a special assembly this morning.

The weather also proved uncooperative but that didn’t deter the group of about 25 who continued demonstrating even during a thunderstorm that passed over.

The hardest downpour may have been as the Royals arrived but the small group of Rastas held out and even looked more energized as they soaked.

The rastas are known for their agitation for reparations for the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism.

They want compensation and repatriation to Africa for those who want to return.