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Today in History: April 17

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Former Governor General Hanna, Bank of The Bahamas and the first Bahamian at the North Pole. See what events happened today in history.




NASSAU, BAHAMAS – On this day in Bahamian history, in 1965 – Arthur Hanna who would later become governor general from 2006 – 2010, was forcibly removed from the House of Assembly during a debate on boundary changes.

When told to leave, he refused. And, the Sergeant-at-arms had to be called to take him from the House. He was suspended for his refusal to leave.

The suspension was lifted four days later and he was allowed to return.

During the drugs scandal era of the 1980s, Mr. Hanna resigned as Deputy Prime Minister, but never left the PLP.

As a nationalist, he refused British honours and advocated for a Bahamian honours system.

He died on August 3rd, 2021.

Bank of Montreal

Then in 1970 – the Bank of Montreal was incorporated in The Bahamas. This company would later become Bank of The Bahamas International.

Pictured is the bank’s head office which was located downtown Nassau on Marlborough and Cumberland Street.

The building is now known as the BAF building and houses numerous tourism offices among others.

Tavares Henderson-Strachan
And, finlly in 2013, Tavares Henderson-Strachan reached the North Pole making him the first Bahamian to successfully complete the trek.

Strachan, in 2022 the “Bain Town Boy” was counted among the world’s greatest when he was named one of 25 MacArthur Fellows.

Few honors carry the prestige of a MacaArthur Foundation Fellowship.

The coveted awards go to artists, activists, scholars, scientists, and others showing “exceptional creativity.”