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Survivor Slept in Car to Avoid Abuse

A young woman, who suffered emotional and physical abuse reveals how she would sometimes sleep inside her car outside a police station.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A young woman, who suffered emotional and physical abuse, during her relationship revealing how she would sometimes sleep inside her car outside a police station to avoid the wrath of her partner.

She is now warning women to look out for red flags. She shared her story with Vaughnique Toote during her series, “When Love Hurts.”

Every day was a fight for survival, according to a domestic abuse survivor, who agreed to share parts of her heartbreaking story on the condition she could remain anonymous.

Sitting in the corner of a darkened room, she offers a hand shake but not her name.

With her hands clasped together, she tells OurNEWS the abuse started very early in her relationship.

However, months later, it happened again. This was followed by another apology but as their new relationship progressed, so did the abuse.

The Bahamas Crisis Centre describes this as a cycle of violence. First there’s the honeymoon filled with apologies and promises to change. However, tension eventually builds followed by an explosion.

The young woman says she suffered black eyes and bruises at the hands of her partner but she would isolate herself so those closest to her would not see the evidence of her abuse.

Some days she was so filled with fear, she found it hard to function and couldn’t even brush her teeth.

Last October, police reported a 36% increase in domestic violence incidents with 2,562 incidents reported. One thousand eight hundred and eighty-five incidents were reported in 2020.

She was happy to escape her toxic relationship, she has reservations about giving her heart again.

Her message to other people in abusive relationships is “you deserve better.”

If you’re being abused, the Bahamas Crisis Centre can help. Call the 24-hour hotline at 328-0922 or stop by to speak with a counselor. In an emergency situation, officials suggest going to the police station and speaking with the officer on duty.