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The Beacon School Goes Green

Students at Grand Bahama’s Beacon School are taking steps to protect the environment, joining the Eco-schools Program.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Students at Grand Bahama’s Beacon School are taking big steps to protect the environment for generations to come – this as they join Global Network of Students who are part of the Eco-schools Program.


Students at the Beacon School are taking matters into their own hands through the Eco-schools Program – in a move that educators like Hazel Adams hope will spread awareness and knowledge out into the wider communities.

The school has already taken tangible steps and laid the foundation for the program, including the school’s garden.

And the Potter’s Barn where Red Clay found in East End is reclaimed, processed, strained and used to create unique pottery.

Keep Grand Bahama Clean Committee Co-chair, Olethea Gardiner says students have seen young activists like Greta Thunberg take the stage on environmental issues – now they can make a difference at home.