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Alleged Illegal Activity in Carmichael Road Bushes

Police and Defence Force officials explore bushes off Carmichael Road, where alleged illegal activities take place.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Royal Bahamas Police and Defense Forces, along with the Forestry Unit, took Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe and Minister of State for Legal Affairs Jomo Campbell on a tour of bushes off Carmichael road where alleged illegal activities take place, Friday.

The first stop was less than half a mile off Carmichael Road near Bacardi Road. There, two school buses and a trailer have been converted into a home.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe told the 30-year-old woman living there with her five-year-old daughter the government doesn’t believe that she has a right to be on the land.

Meanwhile, the woman, who is employed as a space cleaner, isn’t confident that Social Services will help.

Deeper into the bush we come across a coal kiln, or coal-making operation.

Acting Director of the Forestry Unit Danielle Hanek says the manufacturers are mixing treated wood and poisonwood with the pine trees. She says the outcome is coal that is potentially unsafe for use.

The eight-vehicle convoy went deeper finding multiple excavation sites where eventually, Our News came to the area of interest number four – an illegal firing range.

Bullet-riddled derelict vehicles, broken glass targets, and a slew of shell casings litter the area. The colorful casings are from shotguns, officials say.

The National Security Minister says after 14 days clearance and enforcement will begin.