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COP Unfazed By Dubai Trip Criticism



Police Commissioner Paul Rolle speaking out on criticisms leveled at him during his recent trip to Dubai for World Expo 2020.


The police commissioner addressing the Dubai drama as he made a guest appearance on the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s talk show “Cop Talk”.

Commissioner Rolle telling the show’s host that he had no plans to sit idly by and be attacked for being apart of the large Dubai delegation.

Controversy swirled around the Dubai trip earlier this month.

The fact that a delegation of more than 100 traveled to Dubai for the event, while The Bahamas continues to suffer from an economic crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic did not sit well with many.

Several members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force travelled to Dubai including members of the band.

Rolle has defended his presence in Dubai with several tweets, including these two.

On the talk show today, he reiterated that he paid his own way for the trip.

The police commissioner says despite what some may think there was a lot achieved.

He says he has been invited to return to Dubai for a law enforcement conference in March and is looking to take other senior officers along for that trip.