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Deputy Prime Minister Defends Dubai Trip

Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper defending government’s commitment to ensuring The Bahamas was well represented at the World Expo 2020.



Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper defending government’s commitment to ensuring The Bahamas was well represented during Bahamas Day at the World Expo in Dubai.


With a delegation of more than 150 Bahamians in the United Arab Emirates, critics have questioned the choice of entertainers and exactly how taxpayers money was spent.

Cooper says he stands on statements made by the Office of the Prime Minister that The Bahamas’ delegation to Dubai for World Expo 2020 was a justified investment. Government has been criticized over who was selected to go and why. From performers like gospel choir Shaback- led by OPM Press Secretary Clint Watson to Dynamite Daisy.

While the government explained in a statement that the United Arab Emirates gave $3.5 million to The Bahamas for the venture, half a million from the private sector and up to one million from government, the criticism was relentless.

Still, Cooper insists, it’s about rebuilding the international relationships that may have been lost over the last four years. Over the weekend, reaction from here at home heating up.

DJ Pencil, one of several in the entertainment industry voicing concerns over the selection process of performers on the trip. Singer Dyson Knight taking to his instagram posting this picture listing the countries he’s performed in saying “I’ve performed in China, Germany, Mexico, Trinidad and more. I’m sure Dubai will call soon.”

Bahamian singers Lady E and D-Mac on the ticket in Dubai along with other Bahamian musicians.

The social media uproar causing some public officials to respond and defend their presence in Dubai on their own accounts with Police Commissioner Paul Rolle tweeting,

“The Bahamas government did not pay for my trip to Dubai and did not give me any per diem. Quite frankly, I am free to travel anywhere in the world that I wish and don’t need permission from anyone.”

The Bahamas’ pavilion, garnering attention worldwide with many enjoying the cultural experience. However, some have compared it to the experience of other nations. This vlogger took a stroll through many of the 192 pavilions, highlighting some of the best from Russia to Singapore.

Cooper stated he will leave further defending and details of the trip to Prime Minister Davis.