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Dozens Line Up at 5am for Black Friday Sales

The holiday shopping season officially kicked off this morning with shoppers in search of the biggest deals of the year.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The holiday shopping season officially kicked off this morning as scores of shoppers lined up during the early morning hours looking to score the biggest deals of the year. But how did the second Black Friday since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic go?

Jasmin Brown tells us in this report.

At the stroke of 5 a.m, several retailers opened their doors to mask-wearing, deal-seeking customers, some of whom were waiting since 3 am.

There were lines and there were deals and there was no time to waste.

While the stores at Southwest plaza were a flurry of activity, over at the mall it was a ghost town.

Outside CBS Bahamas, customers were anxious to get those Black Friday deals.

Housewares were not the only hot commodity as there were also long lines outside other stores, like Aliv.

If you’re wondering if he just spoiled the surprise, Brennen assured us the gifts would be given long before this story aired.

Meantime, management at both CBS Bahamas and Aliv say preparations for Black Friday meant stocking up, coming in early, and putting all hands on deck.

While the stores were happy to welcome customers and shoppers were grateful for the deals, everyone Our News spoke to say what they appreciated most was having more freedom to shop this year as they insist a little is better than none