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FNM MP Slams Dubai Trip

A Free National Movement MP is slamming the government’s decision to send a delegation of over 100 people to the World Expo 2020.



A Free National Movement Member of Parliament is slamming the government over the decision to send a delegation of over 100 people to Dubai for the World Expo.


A government spokesperson says the trip will help to promote the country and attract investment, but St. Anne’s MP Adrian White says the spending was in poor judgment.

FNM MP Adrian White calling the government out over the size of the delegation sent to Dubai’s World Expo.

A statement released by the Office of the Prime Minister revealed that cabinet approved up to $1 million to support the presence of The Bahamas at the expo, along with a private sector donation of $500,000. The OPM statement also notes that the previous cabinet approved $1.7 million for the event.

Some of the participants on this trip include a Junkanoo group, the Royal Bahamas Police Force band, The Bahamas All-Stars band, and Shaback choir, which is led by Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Clint Watson.

Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister Latrae Rahming released a video statement on Friday afternoon, where he sought to justify the investment at the Dubai Expo, highlighting the previous government’s approval of funds for the expo, and trips made by former FNM ministers to Dubai.

The trip drew mixed reactions from Bahamians, with some agreeing with white and questioning the size of the delegation. Others suggested that the money was well spent because it was spent on Bahamians.

White says he’s happy for the people that got to go, but disagrees with the way government is spending taxpayer dollars.