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Government to Adjust COVID Testing Requirements

Changes are on the way for secondary COVID-19 testing requirements, according to the acting PM, following a decline in COVID-19 cases.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Changes are on the way for secondary covid-19 testing requirements. Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper making the announcement today, saying the decline in covid-19 cases has prompted officials to further loosen testing requirements.

Jasmin Brown reports.

The most recent rules came into effect earlier this month, mandating that people traveling to The Bahamas, or to other islands from either New Providence or Grand Bahama, must undergo secondary testing on the fifth day after arriving.

Cooper says the expected changes will not impact the tests needed to enter or exit the country.

When it comes to secondary testing, cooper says the pending changes to the rules is a result of the improved COVID situation in The Bahamas and noted that more revisions can be expected.