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Americans Celebrating In The Bahamas

Americans celebrate their Independence Day on the Fourth of July in The Bahamas. Jean Joseph covers the story.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Bahamas has enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with the United States because of the relatively short distance between the countries – Florida’s lights are often visible from Bimini on clear nights.

While many Americans celebrate Independence Day at home, the more adventurous catch a flight or cruise to our shores, keeping tourist spots bustling.

Join our Jean Joseph as he takes to the street to hear more from our guests who celebrated their independence on our shores.

The warm weather, pristine water, and friendly people are among the many reasons tourists- especially Americans – frequent these shores.

And, after, the endless lockdowns and restrictions, the demand is greater than ever.

New Yorkers Tanya Orange and April Sinclair enjoy the islands so much that it is their number one destination whether it’s Independence Day or not. 

While not everyone is able to travel as frequently as Tanya and April, others like Justin Brooks surely would if they could. Cruise ship guests sail before the nighttime celebrations got started, but hotel guests like Joe Korcak enjoyed the on-island festivities hosted by hotels like the Atlantis.

And, for many, The Bahamas is a second home – those with vacation homes are a special part of the local fabric forging lifelong friendships with Bahamians and a deep love for the islands.

Atlantis Executive Director of Guest Activities and Guest Programming Angelo Hart, and the team go to great lengths to replicate the American Independence experience.