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Bridge Display Honors Bahamian Legend

A photo memorial at the Sir Sidney Poitier bridge memorializes the life and legacy of the Bahamian-American actor.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – In the weeks since the death of Sir Sidney Poitier, tributes have come from world leaders, actors, and activists. Bahamians are honouring him in many different ways. Now a photo memorial at the Sir Sidney Poitier bridge stands in his honor.

Jerome Sawyer has that.

Sir Sidney’s on screen appearances are legendary.

His death reminded Bahamians and the world just how talented of an actor Sir Sydney Poitier really was.

Now the Bahamian-American actor is immortalized in a photo and video tribute in the gardens of the bridge named after him.

Zamar Group’s executive producer Andrew Gardiner led the team to erect this memorial.

Gardiner and Creative Director Kasimu Ellis captured Sir Sidney’s life in 18 photos, 27 pole banners and an LED wall.