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Coleby-Davis: More Prospect Ridge Problems

Opposition leader Michael Pintard clearing the air over who speaks on the FNM’s behalf. It comes amid political discourse over how vocal one of the party’s former leaders has been in recent days.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – More issues surrounding the proposed Prospect Ridge development came to light as Minister of Housing Jobeth Coleby-Davis revealed that papers for the development never made it to the Ministry of Housing. 

Coleby-Davis making the shocking revelations while appearing on the Hitback with Nahaja Black.

Davis says she was advised by the company that received the contract to begin work on the development, that it had only received the contract on September 7th, just one week before the General Election.

Once she received the papers from the Office of The Prime Minister Coleby-Davis says she consulted housing officials.

That’s when she learned that several steps were skipped.

To make matters worse, Coleby-Davis says several residents have come forward, claiming ownership over the land.