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Darville On Climate Change

Save the Bay’s Executive Chairman Joe Darville is sounding the alarm after a United Nations report on the growing threat of climate change.



FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA – Save the Bay’s Executive Chairman Joe Darville is sounding the alarm following a United Nations report highlighting the growing threat of climate change to The Bahamas and other small island states. He pleaded with the government to do more and consult with the experts.

Berthony Mcdermott reports.

A new United Nations report highlighting growing climate change threats to The Bahamas and other island states, reveals if drastic and immediate action is not taken globally to reduce the severity of climate change, small island states would bear the brunt of a host of social and economic issues, that will drive migration to other regions.

The report notes that for some communities that depend on coral reef systems, vulnerability “may exceed adaptation limits” long before 2100, even with a low greenhouse gas emission pathway.

Environmentalist Joe Darville says not enough focus is placed on environmental issues.

The save the Bay’s Executive Chairman questioned how much money has been invested into coastal protection.

Last year, Prime Minister Philip Davis addressed world leaders at COP26 in Scotland, however, Darville says he wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the summit.

The Bahamas has already seen some of the devastating impacts of climate change in recent years, including the devastation of hurricane Dorian, in 2019.

Aside from the loss of life and property, the report notes that biodiversity is being impacted by stronger and more frequent tropical cyclones.