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Lewis Launches FNM Leadership Campaign

Iram Lewis launched his leadership campaign last night, telling supporters he’s the right man to rebuild the party.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – As he vowed to help get the party back on track following the Free National Movement’s devastating defeat at the polls, Iram Lewis launched his leadership campaign last night.

Lewis tells supporters he’s the right man to rebuild the party.

Two weeks before FNMmembers cast their vote at the party’s November 27th convention, Central Grand Bahama Member of Parliament Iram Lewis promised to ensure that meritorious council members are more respected and involved in party decisions if he is elected leader.

Lewis, who served as Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture in the Minnis administration, was one of the few FNM Cabinet Ministers to reclaim their seat in Parliament.

Fellow FNM MP’s Michael Pintard and Kwasi Thompson are also hoping to lead the party after the upcoming convention.

Following a tough loss, lewis urged party members to soberly and seriously consider the type of leadership they need at this critical time in the FNM.

As leader he pledged to encourage more women to offer themselves for leadership positions.

The Central Grand Bahama MP added that for too long FNM foot soldiers have felt ignored, overlooked and taken for granted despite attending party events, walking the streets during campaigns and defending their party.

He vowed to change that by ensuring that all members feel included, from party volunteers to elected officials