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The Bahamas: A “Christian” Nation?

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Let’s establish something upfront. Being in church doesn’t make you any more of a Christian, than standing in the garage makes you a Cadillac. 



As I See It

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Let’s establish something upfront. Being in church doesn’t make you any more of a Christian, than standing in the garage makes you a Cadillac. 

Every adult Bahamian should be familiar with today’s topic – The Bahamas: a “Christian” Nation. This is what we were taught from when we were children. This nation is of Christian belief and our leaders in state, church and civic society should be of sterling character, upstanding and with little to no characteristic blemish.

Now with that said, can we genuinely say that our leaders exhibit what was previously described? I can answer that with a fat, “no” or as the young folk say, “issa no”. 

Let’s take a look at Christians and the Church itself. Some people who are considered “heathens” announce, constantly, that churches are filled with hypocrites so they want no part of a Sunday service. I come from Catholic, church-going parents and skipping mass on a Sunday was not an option until I was a married woman. Possibly 80 percent of Bahamian households were/are the same way.

Who is governing us and ensuring that we keep our Christian principles as we are touted as a “Christian nation”?

Christian church

We cannot be serious when we have clergymen with massive titles and silkened robes, damning homosexuals, adulterers and weed smokers to hell from their fiery pulpits, yet they are fathering children they refuse to own, sweethearting church members – taking their steamy little secrets to their graves. 

How about the ones who cloak slackness in their churches, turning a blind eye to injustices done to women and children all in the name of almighty tidthes and collection. 

Let’s put our thoughts to the “Christians” who are silent when little girls and boys go missing or are molested by pastors and members of their families. Where are the Christian voices then? Why aren’t they pounding the Bible, assisting the victims and demanding that those sort of ills are not repeated? I will go on a limb and say we are a nation of hypocrites. 

There is nothing worse than the supposed gatekeepers of Christianity and morality turning a blind eye and speaking in an inaudible voice when one is suffering from the demons of abandonment, rejection, sexual and physical abuse. We are taught that a man who abandons his child, beats or cheats on his wife and curses his mother is nothing less than an infidel. 

These infidel men (and sometimes women) are in churches (or cults) being exalted, while raising holy hands and praising God. I feel there is a special place in hell for them. May their consciences haunt them for eternity.

We don’t hear teachings condemning these behaviors anymore. Teachings are more geared towards prosperity – how to be rich, but, put the money in the collection plate first. Pastor Gino Jennings is one of the few pastors who still teaches morals and real Christian values. He calls a spade a spade. I respect that man! One can’t live the life of an infidel and dwell in his church. 

Sweethearting, having “outside” children and having low standards and low morals is the norm in this “Christian” society. Who is going to lead the charge in getting us back in order so we can stop talking about, “my baby daddy”, and “my baby muddah”?

These so-called Christians are buck wild and mixed up in every ill of this society, talking in tongues out of one corner of their mouths and spewing mischief, judgment, gossip and hypocrisy out of the other. 

I challenge every official in this country to stop referring to The Bahamas as a “Christian” nation until we fix ourselves. We are no longer that! Christian by religion, yes! But Christian by values and morals, no! Well, that’s  how I see it anyway.

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