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Bahamians Pay Tribute to Sir Sidney Poitier

Tributes pouring in from all over the world following the death of Sir Sidney Poitier, the legendary Bahamian-American actor.



Tributes pouring in from all over the world following the death of Sir Sidney Poitier, the legendary Bahamian-American actor, who became the first Black man to win an academy award for best actor.

Hailed as a hero and a trailblazer, Sir Sidney passed away Thursday evening.


The Bahamas and the entertainment world in mourning tonight after legendary actor and philanthropist Sir Sidney Poitier passed away on Thursday night at 10 in his Los Angeles home- leaving behind an undeniable legacy. Here at home, flags were flown at half-staff as Prime Minister Philip Davis called it a day of mourning.

Born in Florida to Bahamian parents, Sir Sidney was raised on Cat island. Despite achieving great success in the United States, he never shied away from his Bahamian heritage.

Poitier would have celebrated his 95th birthday next month. His iconic films played on some of the world’s biggest screens. But perhaps it was his role in the 1964 hit Lilies of the Field, which made him a history maker. Poitier, becoming the first black man to win an Oscar for best actor, left a lasting impact on the world and iconic figures across the globe.

A moment legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey would never forget- when Poitier made a surprise visit to her show. In a tweet, Winfrey shared, “I treasured him. I adored him. He had an enormous soul I will forever cherish.”

American singer and actress Dionne Warwick called Poitier her hero and great friend, saying, “He once caught me following him. He said little girl what do you want and I muttered, can I have your autograph. From that day he always called me little girl and asked if I wanted his autograph.”

Who could forget the memorable moment between Poitier and Oscar winner Denzel Washington as he received a lifetime achievement award.

A host of other public figures also remembering the trailblazer, including former prime minister Hubert Ingraham, who said, “I join with all expressing deep sorrow at his passing but most especially in expressing thanks and appreciation for his important contribution to the advancement of black people the world over.”

Poitier – a figure forever etched in Bahamian history. The bridge to paradise bears his name. A moment he was here to see in 2012.

Prime Minister Davis says his administration will do much more to honor him and pay tribute.

Sir Sidney was 94 at the time of his passing.