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Cartwright: I Did Nothing Wrong

Weeks after a damning audit of the Public Parks & Public Beaches Authority was released, the former chairman maintains he did nothing wrong.



Weeks after a damning audit of the Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority was released, detailing overspending and irregularities with the issuance of contracts, the former chairman is maintaining he did nothing wrong.

Shanendon Cartwright says he will give a full account in due time.


It’s the first time he has spoken publicly on the findings of an audit into the Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority, which revealed excess spending on government contracts and irregularities.

The document detailed how some contract signings were not witnessed, key files were missing and some contracts went to the same person but under different company names.

All contracts were subsequently canceled and an investigation ordered.

When asked about the revelations of the audit, Cartwright didn’t want to touch on the possible findings of that investigation.

Last month, Prime Minister Philip Davis said it was in fact Cartwright’s parliamentary colleague and former leader Dr. Hubert Minnis who sounded the alarm and asked that the board’s affairs be investigated. Minnis has since denied such a claim.

It’s no secret that there is some contention between Minnis and a few of his parliamentary colleagues. In parliament today, he was noticeably distant from the rest of the team. Still, Cartwright says there’s no bad blood between he and Dr. Minnis.

Meanwhile, an investigation is underway. Public Parks and Beaches Authority chairman McKell Bonaby would not go into detail about who is involved in the investigation, but said the board will meet this month to discuss the findings.