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Half Of Hospitalized Came For Non-Covid Care



Covid-19 hospitalizations are increasing quickly, with more than half of those patients reporting to hospital for non-covid issues. A Senior Physician says people who come in for other procedures test positive, and have to be isolated.


“Half or under half are presenting with those symptoms. But we are seeing a large number that are presenting with other medical or surgical problems.”

Director of the National HIV/AIDS Infectious Disease program Dr. Nikkiah Forbes highlighting a unique challenge during this 4th wave. More than 80 Covid cases were in hospital this week. However, a number of them were admitted for non-Covid care.

Forbes describes the Omicron variant, that officials suspect is the dominant strain impacting the country, as more mild, with typical flu like symptoms including sore throat, runny nose, coughs, muscle aches and pain and fever. However, the vast amount of cases have resulted in a sharp increase in patients hospitalized with covid. Those who are ill are having some serious symptoms.

“We are still seeing persons who are presenting with more severe symptoms like shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing. That is still happening, not as frequently,” Forbes informs.

Forbes says while Omicron has demonstrated an ability to breakthrough vaccinations, and infect fully vaccinated individuals, there’s no doubt that the most seriously ill patients are those who haven’t gotten the jab.

“We are still seeing persons who, the sicker patients who can’t breathe and have to be admitted into the ICU, and need a lot of oxygen, those persons are unvaccinated. We are still seeing that.”

Doctor’s Hospital CEO Dr. Charles Diggiss says they are seeing a similar trend, with unvaccinated patients requiring the most care.